Busy Busy Busy

  • by: Benjamin Minnich
  • on: November 18, 2013
  • in: Design

With the Holidays quickly approaching I am busier than ever but still finding time to develop awesome solutions

I apologize to my one reader that I have been detained for these last couple months. I have been extremely busy with full-time work and freelance work that it has taken me away from writing one post a month (New Year resolutions are a crutch, simple), but I am back – still busy, but back. So in this post I want to write about some of the rad things I have been doing.

First, I have finished designing the Millennial Blog Magazine site, which was a big hit and fun to work on. The site is powered by my personal favorite WordPress (scaleable and themeable). I used a custom post type to create new areas for the guys at Millennial Blog to use and a more magazine-type design for their readers to enjoy. But I am also beginning the first stages of a redesign. I would like to redesign it once a year to always keep it fresh. It will never be powered off of WordPress but I have toyed with the idea of implementing Jekyll as its engine. One of the reasons is that popping in the articles is starting to be a hassle.

Secondly, I have finished the initial design of Rosedale Baptists Church’s new website and am beginning to bring it into WordPress. This site has been fun because it has allowed me to stretch some design patterns a bit to create something a bit unique for a church website. It is not super original but it is fresh compared to other church websites. Once again the whole decision model popped up should I use WordPress for this site or should I explore another option, maybe something not so bloated? I came to a decision based on the fact that members of their staff were comfortable with WordPress updating and it would be a seamless transition from their old site to the new. Look for this site to launch sometime in January 2014!

Thirdly, I am designing a site for the folks at East Toledo Family Center here in Toledo, OH. It is a non-profit group that gives a place for children of the community to play in sports and join in other activities. It has been a pleasure designing this site. My main concern as always will be should it be in WordPress or should it be powered in something lighter? So far I am almost complete with the design and that decision will rear its head again. If you have any thoughts about it or suggestions feel free to comment below.

Lastly, my day job is working on SharePoint 2013, which I commend Microsoft for the product.

Lastly, my day job is working on SharePoint 2013, which I commend Microsoft for the product. SharePoint 2007 and even SharePoint 2010 were a nuisance and had a ton of potential, but being a front-end developer I always seemed in debt to the .Net developer. But thankfully Microsoft has embraced us as developers (which we always were) and allow us to take front and center with SharePoint 2013. So it has been a blast creating “things” (can’t go into specifics) that leverage the power of SharePoint and give full control over to the end user.

I want to thank my one reader (and the millions of spam bots) for reading. See you again in three months.