Christian Design Magazine Concept

I have been thinking of producing an online magazine about Christian designers and developers.

As usual I get super busy and focused on other projects which keeps my “blog” pretty stale. Well I did want to write this post on a new concept project I am beginning to hatch. The concept is an online Christian design magazine. It would be in the same vein as A List Apart in some aspects, but completely different.

Actually the only “thing” similar to A List Apart is the fact about the Issues publishing model which I like. Instead of publishing an article each day or couple days I would rather bundle them all together and release them once a month. This allows the visitor to consume the content a bit different than having to come back once a day to see something new. The only way this would work is that each issue comes out on the same day of the month so the visitor knows when to jump to the site to peruse the new Issue.

I am going to have each issue packed with tutorials, interviews of Christian designers and developers, write ups about emerging trends, and a host of other tidbits to help not only Christian designers and developers but also churches and ministries. As I have pushed before I am a huge proponent of using technology and design to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help those around me and those far away from me too.

If you would like to join me in this venture or would like to provide tutorials, design tips or articles drop me an email and let me know @ benbminnich@gmail.com or through my Twitter account @benbminnich.