I Got ‘Site of the Day’

  • by: Benjamin Minnich
  • on: September 18, 2012
  • in: Design

I got site of the day over at How Interactive Design.

Today I got the distinct pleasure to see that I got Site of the Day over at How Interactive Design dot Com! It is a huge deal to me and is also super humbling because being in the same list with these amazing other designs that just shame my site to put it bluntly. definitely go check out their site which is one of the How Magazine’s blogs and is packed with great content and amazing designs.

Thank you again How Interactive Design for this amazing honor. It means a ton to me.

Check out the site here & here is the article.

Here is the write up for the design:

“The “calling card” page that simply links to an individual’s various online presences is nothing new. All the same, I enjoy finding a new twist on the same old thing. Here we find what could very well be the poster child for the simple use of transparency in web design. It’s a simple landing page, and it’s short on context. But it draws you in and forces you to explore to find out more; only in clicking through do you realize this is a portfolio site for a web designer/developer. This “teaser” approach is risky; in this case, the risk pays off.”