Really? I’m In A Book!

I am thrilled to see that one of my designs made it to a book of great designs.

Okay, so I have always been a huge fan of designmeltdown.com. It is a place where I cut my virtual teeth on good design while I was in school. I was never trained ‘classically’ as a designer, I have a Computer Science degree – so I am a programmer by trade and education. When I was in school I became obsessed with user interface (UI) design with the software I was required to build for a grade. While my classmates where making really ‘cool’ software they were lacking in the way it was being implemented. I mean it is awesome to make a well laid out database, but if you do not have the proper interface for a user to interact with it… well why would someone use your software? No matter how ‘functional’ a program is, if the UI is awful then a user will move on. So usability became my mantra, my obsession and designmeltdown.com was my drug.

So, with that being said designmeltdown.com was first a website that Patrick McNeil used to categorize the web into its different elements, from tabbed websites to personal blogs. Patrick was meticulous in his approach and it was always the highlight of my browsing experience to head over to this mecca of design repository to gain inspiration. Well in the fall of 2008 Patrick McNeil came out with a book called “The Web Designer’s Idea Book: The Ultimate Guide To Themes, Trends & Styles In Website Design” and it was chocked full of impressive awesome web designs. I took this book everywhere I went and looked through it until I was memorizing the layouts of every great design. It was glorious! So the first book was a huge success and that meant a number 2.

Patrick McNeal therefore started a new book and it was released in the Fall of 2010 and it was called “The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 2: The Latest Themes, Trends and Styles in Website Design“. I saw it on the shelves of Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books-a-Million and other countless bookstores and even the virtual shelf of Amazon, but I never purchased it. Not sure why, probably because I was so in love with the first, I never wanted to be hurt by the sequel (I am looking at you Matrix: Reloaded!). But for some reason someone bought me this book and told me to look through it cause it was awesome. Thanks already knew this, but still thanks!

Well I received it today and not going to lie I was pumped! I opened it up and perused through endless awesome breathtaking designs each one making my proverbial hamster wheels spinning with ideas and concepts I am itching to sketch on my pad. But one page in particular drew me in a small entry of a website had me racing to write this nonsensical blog post. One small fragment in time made me… what? Oh sorry… yes well that one entry I found on page 53 was my very own personal website! That’s right boys and girls my website benjaminminnich.com is on page 53 of this awesome book! I have never been so pumped! Here I am a programmer by education and trade inside a book of award winning designers! And you know what I am super pumped!

So do I and Patrick McNeil and the thousands of designers and developers a huge favor and buy this amazing book! Even if you are not a designer this book would look smashing upon your coffee table or sitting room, and you never know maybe someday programmers will think more about usability and user interfaces and not just leave it to Apple Inc.