Switching to the iPhone

  • by: Benjamin Minnich
  • on: October 19, 2011
  • in: Mobile

I have finally done it. I went from Windows Mobile to Android and now to the iPhone. Here is why.

I know it sounds crazy coming from me, who has sang the praises of Android, but alas I will be switching to the Iphone 4s on Sprint. After careful thought and evaluating my own personal needs and wants I have decided to switch to the Iphone completely and leave Android behind.

The reason why is simple. Apple provides a better user experience. When I have the Iphone I will get all of the Apple updates for about two years at the time the update comes out. One of my big pet peeves with Android handsets is the issue of fragmentation. I hate when a new version of Android comes out and I have to wait months until I can get it, because my phone manufacture has to see if it works with their custom skin. It is beyond annoying and I am tired of it.

I have currently the HCT EVO 4G and I loved it. A large 4.3″ screen with a 1Ghtz processor. It was the essence of awesome for Sprint, but after a little over a year all development has seemed to completely stopped for it. The phone is now on Android 2.3 but alas HTC did not seem it fit to give it their newest Sense ROM. Not cool HCT not cool indeed. This lack of support is annoying beyond words.

So I decided to “root” my phone to get a different ROM and skin, but in doing so I lose some functionality with the phone – spotty GPS coverage, or loss of visual voicemail or worse loss of SMS extended messaging. I get the latest HCT Sense but I lose key functionality with my phone, and that does not breed great user experience. Now I understand this is not HTC’s fault, but yet to get what I want I have to go outside the HTC ecosystem to get it and I do not like that at all.

I have been getting some flack from my developer collegues for my decision to switch because as they say, “you are going to lose control” which means I won’t have the liberty to install third party apps or customize the phone to my perceived liking. To that I say, “oh well” because I do not need those things. Those things take up too much of my time and I could care less that I am losing them. With the Iphone I get a closed ecosystem but I get support and updates and with that I get a better user experience.

The Iphone Itself

The Iphone completely changed the mobile landscape as we knew it in 2007. Apple introduced a mobile browser that gave us the “real” web (which makes me think long and hard on – why do we care about responsive web design), a integrated application machine to install added functionality to the core of the system and then dubbing it an app (which was already here they just put the buzz in the buzz word). I understand all of this, but what I mostly like is that the OS is built specifically for the actual handset. It is a wonderful marriage of function and form that I cannot help but applaud when I see it. An OS built specifically for the hardware and vice-a-verse.