Benjamin Minnich

Developer working along the banks of the mighty Maumee River

I have updated my site on a fresh build of WordPress. I ditched the old build with its convoluted database and went with a shiny new one. My site was getting old and outdated and I didn’t want to redesign it and plop the new theme on the old version of WordPress. Sure I could have cleaned up the tables, but who has time, plus I didn’t want the old Posts. So I opted to completely rebuild from the ground up and apply the theme to a fresh install in a new webspace.

Another reason I opted to rebuild is that I got tired of not having any of my latest work on this site. Not that any of my latest work will now be on this site. I will be showing my latest work on my small development and design studio site ProudLike.Us where I will have more in-depth case-studies. Site is coming soon.

Colophon of This Site

This site is built on-top of WordPress (4.9). I still love WordPress. It is scaleable for a site this size. I can’t beat its relational database. It can be run on Apache and now IIS. It is gets updated regularly and has a huge support community. I thought about switching to Craft CMS or a flat-file but it just didn’t make sense at this time. Follow on post coming regarding this decision.

The site is built using a 1136px grid and is responsive with a fluid grid. I expose the grid just to be pretentious. There are elements of HTML5 but I am not using flex-box or the css grid due to browser support of recents hits on the old site.

The type is Freight Family with Freight Text Pro being used for the large headers and body copy, while Freight Sans is being used for the small headers and general navigation links.

I am also using the always dependable Font Awesome for the icons. I know shocking – icon fonts! But it depends on when to use them.

I am showing my latest Dribbble shots via the great jQuery plugin jDribbble. Its a great and fast way to pull in those latest shots for your site.

The transitions are being powered via Animsition plugin.

The Ending

I will be using this site mostly for blogging while my small development and design studio ProudLike.Us will serve as my site for all of my freelance jobs.